Deciding to rent a holiday home yourself can at first seem like a step into the unknown....
Those that have done it before would probably tell you it turned out to be the best holiday they have ever had.

Why a Holiday Rental property ?

A self catering holiday offers timeless options when it comes to so many things:
Flight Times:
You are not restricted to precise flight times, you are able to search for the best possible deal to suit you.
Travel Dates:
Most owners are quite flexible when it comes to booking your holiday dates, just ask them.
From stunning locations to out of the way and off the beaten track, the options will amaze you.
Type of Property:
Villas, apartments, farm houses or mobile homes, with so many options you'll be spoilt for choice.
Eat in or out !
The freedom to choose, BBQ, something simple or dining out to experience the local cuisine, you decide.

This little guide of ours is aimed at helping you through the process of renting a holiday home yourself without involving an agent.

In all the properties we have personally stayed at there has been an informative 'Manual' or 'Guest Book' please take the time to look through this, it is usually full of information like 'where the local supermarkets can be found', attractions and local contact numbers for emergencies ect....

Renting a holiday property is pretty straight forward, the owners are extremely helpful and have a personal knowledge of the area you are visiting and can often advise on things like car hire, local attractions & amenities, use their knowledge, it could save you a lot of time & effort, but to get the most from your holiday experience there is some preparation needed before you get there....
Does your local airport have flights to an airport near your chosen holiday property?
All the properties listed on Euro Direct Rentals give details of their closest airport(s) to help you decide if flying is an option, if you need flights use this link to find available flights.
Are you intending or considering driving to the property?
If you intend to drive in your own vehicle check to see if you have 'International Insurance' for the country you are visiting, contact your Insurance provider, most include up to 60 days travel within Europe or will be happy to add cover if you do not have it for a small premium.

Also check you have 'International Breakdown Cover' for the country you are visiting, contact your provider, if it is not already included in your package most will be happy to add cover if you do not have it for a small premium.

Ferry or Tunnel crossings if needed should be checked for availability and schedules.

Many European countries have 'Toll Roads', check your route to see if any of the roads you need to travel on are Toll roads, in fact any good GPS these days will tell you if there are Toll roads on your planned route.
Be warned Toll roads carry a fee for use, it is advisable to check before using them as some can be expensive, however the benefits of using them are clear as they are all very good roads to travel on, well made and maintained with frequent places to stop and can also save many hours on a long journey.

Do you need to hire a car?
All properties listed advise on the need of a car for transportation, some properties are in towns and therefore close to all amenities so car hire is not essential, other properties will require the use of a car for essentials...
There are many car hire companies offering the 'best deal', try our 'ebookers' link to find a bargain.
Have you got travel insurance?
Travel insurance is a must have item, even when renting your own holiday property, there are many companies offering weekly, 2 week and annual cover insurance.
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