Listing your holiday rental property here is simple and free, each membership expires in 10 years and has a limit of 5 property listings.
Just so we are clear... there are no hidden costs here, NO commission, NO subscriptions, NO forwarding fees, NO booking fees...

We take security very seriously, so to protect owners and to help potential visitors avoid attempts of property rental scams we only accept properties where the owner has a
VALID EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER linking to an existing listing of the property and/or a website where we can verify the implied ownership, usually a long standing association between an email and a rental property would result in the email/property being easily verified and the membership activated quite quickly, However...

ALL membership requests are manually vetted, this may lead to a delay of no more than 24 hours to complete our checks and activate your membership, once these checks are completed you will be informed by email that your membership is live, we will ALSO issue a verified status icon - - on your membership status.

There are just two...

1. All we ask of registered members is that you update your property details at least yearly, any property that has not been updated within 12 months will be set as inactive and will not be viewable by potential visitors/renters.
2. ALL listings MUST HAVE a 'From Price'. We can advise how this is done once you have a listing in place.

Euro Direct Rentals have affiliate link advertising for companies offering flights, ferry crossings, car hire, TEP WiFi and other holiday related services throughout our website, these link will also be found on property listing pages.

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